In God?

Is there any proof of God?

The Universe is Proof of God's Existence

The Universe, creation, is proof of God's existence and a reason to believe in God. This page will introduce five reasons why the universe offers proof of God's existence

Consider the following statement from the Bible as we will endeavour to show that it is true.

"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and deity; so that they are without excuse:" 
(Romans 1:20)

 The video below is an invitation to consider the awesome power and intelligence behind the universe.


Please consider the evidence for God in the which point to an intelligent first cause behind it's existence and design... and therefore, reasons to believe in God!

1.  The Universe had a beginning - but was it a Big Bang?

There was a time that philosophers believed that the universe was eternal, infinite, without beginning or end, that the universe always existed.  In the last 100 years this belief has been comprehensively overturned as recent discoveries point to a universe that had a beginning. This agrees with the words of the Bible that say...

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth"  Genesis 1:1)

Scientists now agree: the universe had a beginning.  

Some base this on The Big Bang theory which is the idea that all the energy and matter in the universe was at some time in the past, highly condensed into a 'singularity' which exploded!  Look at what we know about the universe today, they say, then wind the clock back and the natural conclusion that the evidence points to the fact that the universe had a beginning.

Consider these quotes...

"The universe had a beginning. There was once nothing and now there is something." Janna Levin, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University.

"Many once believed that the universe had no beginning or end and was truly infinite. Through the inception of the Big Bang theory, however, no longer could the universe be considered infinite. The universe was forced to take on the properties of a finite phenomenon, possessing a history and a beginning." Chris LaRocco and Blair Rothstein, University of Michigan 

"Together with Roger Penrose, I developed a new set of mathematical techniques, for dealing with this and similar problems. We showed that if General Relativity was correct, any reasonable model of the universe must start with a singularity. This would mean that science could predict that the universe must have had a beginning, but that it could not predict how the universe should begin: for that one would have to appeal to God." Stephen W. Hawking "Origin of the Universe" lecture.


YOU DON'T NEED THE BIG BANG THEORY: to show the universe had a beginning!

While some (including Christians) use the Big Bang theory to describe how the universe began, the Big Bang theory fails both scientifically and theologically. 

First of all, the fact that it fails scientifically is shown by the increasing number of scientists who are abandoning the theory as an explanation of the origin of the universe.  Yet while scientists are losing faith in the Big Bang theory there is still clear scientific evidence to prove that the universe had a beginning... 

Secondly, the Big Bang Theory fails theologically because the process of 'creation' associated with the Big Bang theory contradicts the process of creation found in Genesis 1.   You can't have it both ways!  They simply don't agree.  

Since the universe could not create itself (because it would have to exist first in or order to make itself exist - which is nonsense) then some mind-boggling, incredible, indescribable power must have been the first cause behind the beginning, the creation of the universe.  

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2.  The Earth's unique design and place in the Universe

We live on a privileged planet.  Earth is not just any planet.  The earth is a planet that is uniquely designed for life from it's molten core, to its ecosystem, to its orbit around the sun and it's exact location in the Milky Way galaxy.  

Why believe in God?  The earth is why! 

Astronomers have yet to find another planet like earth with its unquestionable design and order that would make life possible. But not just any life, human life.  This is more proof of an omnipotent creating God who not only created the universe but who also created one special planet on which to bring forth human life; life that would look up at the universe and see the glory of its creator.

The earth is just the right distance from the sun to sustain life. Any closer and we would fry.  Any further away and we would freeze.  Our solar system is in what is recognised as the "habitable zone" of the galaxy. 

The earth is just the right distance from the black hole in the centre of the Milky Way galaxy and far enough away from hostile forces such as super novas. 

Looking at the earth itself it is not hard to see that it is purpose built for life from the inner core of the earth which gives it a magnetic force field to protect it from the sun's harmful rays to the microorganisms in the soil that help eatable vegetation to grow. 

Our atmosphere has just the right mixture of chemicals and gases, just the right mass, an oxygen rich atmosphere, a large moon and the right balance of liquid water and continents.

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3.  DNA - the fingerprint of God!


DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) is a double-helix molecule (picture below) which contains coded genetic instructions necessary for the creation and function of every living cell. 

The National Human Genome Research Institute in America worked to sequence the 3.1 billion letters of the human genome: DNA.

On 26 June 2000 US president Bill Clinton declared that the first survey of the human genome 90 per cent complete.  "Today, we are learning the language in which God created life."

What Bill Clinton said about the DNA molecule is true.  DNA is a language!  DNA has instructions on how to build cells and to duplicate life. DNA is the building blocks of life, an instruction manual for the living cell.  When Charles Darwin published his, "Origin of Species" on December 24, 1859, he knew nothing of DNA and the complexity of the human cell.  

DNA is compacted in the X shaped chromosomes which are in the nucleus of living cells.   One set of human chromosomes contains as many as three billion codes.  If you took that information found in the nucleus of just one cell, you could fill 10,000 books each 200 pages long!   Note: this is only for one molecule in one cell!!! 

The amazing discoveries made about DNA and the microscopic life of a cell are strong evidence that an intelligent being is behind this information system.   Why believe in God?  Because we can see divine information technology in the DNA molecule.  

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4.  The Universe and the Origin of Life


Can life spontaneously come from non-life.  This is known as abiogenesis. 

If you put wheat, cheese and soiled linen in a jar and left them there for a while would you get mice?!  This is what J B Helmont claimed in 1,600.  The belief in spontaneous generation (life from non-life) was widely held up until about 200 years ago.

When ideas such as flies coming out of dead meat (they were actually maggots) were shown to be wrong it seemed quite clear that life could not come from non-life.  But then scientific advances were made that allowed microscopic organisms to be observed and the question arose as to whether these might have come from non living materials.  This was overturned in 1864 when Louis Pasteur showed that living bacteria could only come from living bacteria.

Despite Pasteur's discovery, people still believe today that life originated, by chance, through chemical evolution in some kind of primordial soup, 'a warm little pond' as Darwin put it. 

Evolutionists believe that about 4 billion years ago, the earth's atmosphere was made up of methane, ammonia, hydrogen and water, and that these and all other chemicals had originally evolved from hydrogen. Given time, chance and the right conditions, life could eventually emerge.


However, no evidence has ever been found of life arising from non-living matter. 

Life from non-life is the foundation on which the theory of evolution standsIt is also the foundation on which it falls. 

All the evidence in the world today points to life arising from life.  Cats come from cats, dogs come from dogs and people come from people.  Each plant and life form produces after it's own kind.  This is exactly what it says in the Bible,

               "And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind,"
                (Genesis 1:12)

                "And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth,
                 which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind,"
  (Genesis 1:21)

Dr. Francis Crick (who co-discovered the structure of the DNA molecule) said this...

‘What is so frustrating for our present purpose is that it seems almost impossible to give any numerical value to the probability of what seems a rather unlikely sequence of events … . An honest man, armed with all the knowledge available to us now, could only state that in some sense, the origin of life appears at the moment to be almost a miracle …’ (from, Life Itself).

When you consider the absence of any evidence to support an evolutionary theory of the origin of life, and when you look at how life arises to day, it clearly points to a creator.  This is strong evidence for the existence of God...  an answer to the question, "Why believe in God?"

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5.  The Laws of Physics - The Universe is not an accident!

The fact that the universe is finely tuned by the laws of physics is reason to believe in God.   The laws of gravity and other laws that govern the way the universe functions point to a mind behind its existence.   These laws did not come about by accident nor did their fine tuning. 

Scientists have discovered that the universe is ruled by a set of cosmic laws (rules that do not change) and that if just one of the laws of physics that governs the universe was out of balance even by a small percent, life on earth, and in some cases the universe, could not exist.

One of these laws, the cosmological constant, would only have to change one part in 100 million, billion, billion, billion, billion, billion then the universe would not exist.

If just one small part (or measurement) that size was ADDED to the cosmological constant, the universe would fall apart.  If just one small part was SUBTRACTED from the cosmological constant, the universe would collapse on itself.

Nobel Prize winner for quantum electrodynamics, Richard Feyman said this, 

"Why nature is mathematical is a mystery...
the fact that there are laws at all is a kind of miracle"

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