In God?

Is there any proof of God?

Life by Chance - are we here by accident or design?


Life by chance is the evolutionary belief that the first life (a simple cell) was formed completely by random chance as atoms were bumping around in some primordial soup (a pool of water with different chemicals in it such as hydrogen and helium).   So it is fair to ask, what then are the chances that the first living cell or organism came into existence purely by natural random processes.  The following video address that question....



Two important questions that must be answered if it is to be proved that life arose by chance and then evolved by chance

Question 1:  Has life ever been observed to have come from non life? 

                       This question has to do with the ORIGIN of the first life.

Question 2:  Has anyone ever observed new genetic information being added to life?

                       This question concerns the theory of the EVOLUTION of life.

Watch the video below for the answers...