In God?

Is there any proof of God?

Human and Ape DNA

If human DNA is like Ape DNA does that suggest that humans evolved from Apes?  If humans did evolve from apes, then perhaps evolution is right and we don't need to believe in God.  



However, if the DNA evidence suggest that humans and apes are very different and that any similarities they share in their DNA reflect a common designer (God) rather than a common ancestor (evolution) then perhaps evolution is wrong and we have discovered another answer to the question: Why believe in God?





Scientists who believe in the theory of evolution say that our DNA is so close to that of Ape DNA that this is evidence we came from apes.  Are they right?  Some say our DNA is 98% similar and others 95% similar to ape DNA.  They say that this small difference is only a few spelling mistakes in the information the DNA has.

However, what they don't point out is that humans have about 3 billion letters worth of information just in one cell.  So even  if there was only 2% difference between ape and human DNA that actually equals 60 million of what the evolutionists call spelling mistakes.  But, it's important to state that these are not actually spelling mistakes here.  The difference in the DNA is not actually mistakes but new information.

If you were to put that new information down on paper it would be equal to 20 books each with 500 pages in them.

A better explanation of why there is only a small difference between ape and human DNA is that ape and human were made by a common designer.  Here's an example that may help explain this.  We all know that a builder can build more than one kind of building from the same basic materials.  He/she can use materials like concrete, wood, glass and steel, to build a two story house or a 50 story sky scraper.  Both buildings will have windows, doors, rooms, stairs, a foundation, a roof etc. etc.

It is not that hard then to see how God can use similar materials (design features like legs, eyes, bone, blood, stomach...) to build different creatures (like frogs, people, bears, cats, apes...)

In summary, the reason why we have similar DNA is not because we have a similar ancestor (the ape) but because we have a similar designer (God, who made both man and ape).  So you could rightly say then that we have designer genes!

Finally, did you know that about 50% of our DNA is similar to the DNA of a banana!  Does that mean we are half banana?

Watch the short video below and think some more about this.