In God?

Is there any proof of God?

From Ape to Man - Introduction

Over the years, people have found what they believe to be missing links in the supposed development from ape to man.  These links are believed to be our ape ancestors.  However, if you look at the evidence, rather than making a man out of monkeys, the evidence put forth by evolutionists makes a monkey out of man! 

Malcolm Muggeridge said that in time, evolution would prove to be the biggest joke of all.  If the consequences of this weren't so serious, it would be laughable.   

Consider carefully the following so-called ape ancestors which were presented to us as the missing links in the evolutionary chain.  Some of these were still reproduced in children's school books to prove evolution, long after they were shown to be false or frauds.  

Lets remember, Evolution is only a theory, and a poor one at that.  But decide for yourself.  Consider the evidence - or lack of. You may discover, like many scientists today, that the missing links are still missing!

If they are missing and evolution is therefore debunked, then there is only one other alternative to the origin of life: Intelligent Design!

Creation by an all powerful and infinite creator.




From Ape to Man - what does the fossil record say?

Did humans evolve from apes? Do we have a common ancestor?  If we do, then maybe we don't need to believe in a God who created life on earth.  The main evidence offered by evolutionists that man evolved from an ancient primate is found in fossil records.  So lets examine the record and discover whether man came from monkeys or if perhaps evolution is making a monkey out of man. 



Heidelberg Man:  Built from a jaw bone that was conceded by many to be quite human.
Nebraska Man Scientifically built up from one tooth and later found to be the tooth of an extinct pig.  Sadly, many people put their faith in Nebraska Man till the hoax was exposed.
Piltdown Man The jawbone turned out to belong to a modern ape.  In 1912 Charles Dawson reconstructed Piltdown Man out of a jaw, 2 molar teeth, and a piece of skull. In 1953 the hoax was exposed. The jawbone turned out to be that of a modern orangutan, the teeth had been filed down and the bones artificially colored to deceive the public. For over 40 years evolutionists promoted his findings as fact. The British Museum has documented other discoveries by Dawson as being fakes.
Peking Man:  Supposedly 500,000 years old!  All evidence has disappeared within 13 days of discovery.  Bone tools and other evidence of human habitation suppressed by experts in China (sounds like a bit of skullduuggery).
Neanderthal Man:  At the International Congress of Zoology (1958) Dr. A.J.E. Cave said his examination showed that the famous Neanderthal skeleton found in France over 50years ago is that of an old man who suffered from arthritis.
Java Man:
Dubois' concealed of human skulls for thirty years. Scientific illustrations were faked by Dr. Eugene Dubois' supporter, Professor Haeckel.  Strange circumstances surround the discovery of further fossil 'evidence' of Java man.  Java Man was reconstructed from a skullcap, thighbone, and 2 molar teeth.  DuBois found the thighbone 50 feet away from the skullcap, but assumed it was the same individual.  After discovering human skulls at the same level near his Java Man discovery, he hid the skulls under the floorboards of his bedroom for 26 years.  Before his death DuBois confessed that he had not found the missing link and admitted that Java Man was probably a giant gibbon.  Children were taught these lies for years in their text books.
Homo Sapiens:  These fossils were found buried in deeper strata than older "ape-men".  But if the're younger (based on being more human like), how come they're older (based on how deep they are buried)?  If they are a more modern species then, according to evolutionary theory, they should be buried closer to the surface than the older "ape-men."  But they're not!  They're buried deeper than older "ape-men."
Orce Man: Found in the southern Spanish town of Orce in 1982, and hailed as the oldest fossilized human remains ever found in Europe. One year later officials admitted the skull fragment was not human, but probably came from a 4-month old donkey. Scientists had said the skull belonged to a 17 year old man who lived 900,000 to 1.6 million years ago, and even had very detail drawings done to represent what he would have looked like. ("Skull fragment may not be human", Knoxville News-Sentinel, 1983)
New Guinea Man Dates away back to 1970...  This species has been found in the region just north of Australia.  Duh!
Cro-Magnon Man One of the earliest and best established fossils is at least equal in physique and brain capacity to modern man.  You have to ask, "Whats the difference?"
Australopithecus Afarensis (Lucy):  Lucy was promoted as one of the really big finds.  Lucy's hands and feet were not found but the model of her in the St Louis zoo in Missouri, USA, shows human-like hands and feet.  
The discoverer Donald Johanson says, "I found a bone from the palm of the hand, a second metacarpal [a bone between the wrist and fingers], looking more like a fresh twentieth-century bone than one that had been buried for 3 million years."  It seems that all you need to do to come up with a new apeman is to join together ape bones and human bones.   
Professor Betsy Schumann, evolutionist expert at Menton's university, admits that the statue's feet 'probably are not accurate', but when asked whether the statue should be changed, she says, 'Absolutely not'.
Modern Man: This genius thinks we came from a monkey.
The monkey says "No!" and the fossil evidence says, "No!"
  "Professing themselves to be wise they became fools"
   (the book of Romans in the Bible: chapter 1, verse 22).
Confessions of an anthropologist
"A five million year old piece of bone that was thought to be the collarbone of a humanlike creature is actually part of a dolphin rib...The problem with a lot of anthropologists is that they want so much to find a hominid [in simple terms: an ape ancestor] that any scrap of bone becomes a hominid bone." (Dr. Tim White, anthropologist, University of California, Berkeley, quoted in New Scientist, April 28, 1983).